Boat sales in the midst of a pandemic (covid-19)

Boat sales in the midst of a pandemic (covid-19) are on the rise as families seek social distance. In the midst of all the unemployment and financial uncertainty unleashed by COVID-19, boat owners and traders should have been desperate to make a sale.

Instead, boat dealerships are empty. Every time someone searches for a beautiful boat on the internet, the boat is sold.

While owners who want to sell or change their old boat see their ad gather a large number of potential buyers. The imposed isolation of this pandemic has pushed people who love the sea to turn to other options. Pleasure boat sales are exploding.

Since April, when seasonal rentals began to loosen, prospective buyers are buying everything that floats, from rafts and canoes to luxury yachts and yachts. Marinas have become a trading bag. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, dealerships nationwide reported increased sales this Spring. Sales of used boats increased this year. Overall, boat sales rose sharply in May-April.

Those who have not tried it before realize that like camping, having a boat is a great way to spend some family time without fear. You can take your boat, socially and at a distance from everyone else, and travel everywhere.